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Patricia Webb

Patricia Webb

It was February 1982 when Patricia (Patti) Webb decided to take her Father's offer to work for him at his new firm. It was during the month and year when Steve Jobs was first featured on TIME Magazine and Lotus 1-2-3 was first introduced. It was a year of opportunity that marked the first step of progress for many now leading industries. Patti was a single mother with a son only a few months old when she began. Her first task in her newly acquired position was learning the new computer based tax program that would bring the office into the future. Carl R. Webb, CPA, Inc was one of the first in Tulsa to realize the future of computer based returns and Patti was the individual behind this achievement that spearheaded that very project. Over the next seven years, Patti continued learning through work experience while attending the University of Tulsa on numerous academia scholarships. On December of 1989, Patti graduated with her BSBA with emphasis in Accounting and completed her degree on the Presidents Honor Roll.

The desire to broaden her work experience brought Patti to spend a year working at Ernst & Young before returning to work for her Dad’s business. Since she returned in 1990, Patti has worked closely with hundreds of clients and continued to grow in her knowledge and experience specializing in Estate Planning, Organization Structural Guidance, Construction and Restaurants. Patti has spent years as a volunteer worker outside of her professional life. She received her CDL and became a volunteer bus driver for the church outreach program, coached her son's baseball team for four years, and even spent several years as a volunteer in a church youth program. Patti is actively involved in Schutzund training with her German Shepherd, Ava.



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