Getting Ready for Tax Season

Preparing yourself and your business for the Year-End Interview can seem overwhelming, especially due to a lot of the stress from the surrounding holidays. However, our office has prepared a list of things we need in order to get you ready for the end of the year:

Individual Income Tax

  • List of any work related travel expenses or other unreimbursed employee expenses Report of mileage used for business travel
  • Proper charitable donation documentation
  • Any 1099 issued to you or your spouse i.e., retirement, dividend, or interest income
  • You and your spouse‚Äôs (if applicable) W-2
  • Childcare expense statement from provider

Corporate Income Tax

  • Year-End Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss for the calendar year
  • General Ledger Report for expenses throughout the year
  • Additional Information Reports such as spreadsheets
  • Copies of any 1099's issued to your business
  • Full list of any cash expenditures

Some of the items on the list will already be on file if our office handles your Write Up service.


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